P4: Refined Prototype

For the final phase of the project, each group is to refine their prototype based on the user test results. From this new set of design requirements, students will upgrade the information architecture, interaction behaviours and visual layer. By addressing these design implications, the prototype will be improved to be more accurately reflect the final design.


  1. process documented and organized in group website
  2. refined prototype linked from group website
  3. a style guide submitted in printed form and in pdf

Style Guide
Each group will submit a Style Guide to document the visual specifications of the Refined Prototype. The visual material will include a written component to explain the choices and other needed information for future designers. It should be written as a guideline for another designer to follow, so that the system can be modified or edited and the integrity of your interface will be maintained.

The criteria to be addressed in the style guide will include:

  1. Introduction and background to the project
  2. Branding– identity, experience, intentions
  3. Typography – typefaces, sizes, styles, etc. and application
  4. Colour scheme – palette, mood
  5. Layout – screen design, grid, navigation
  6. Interactivity – screen dynamics, touch controls
  7. Conclusions – further directions, other notes

Include any other relevant material as decided by the team

Due for final presentation on April 4


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