P3: User Testing (30%)

Each group member is to develop their own strategies for testing their prototype. The individual member will design a test for a specific and unique aspect of the prototype. Each test will be conducted with a minimum of 3 test subjects from their defined user group.

The whole group needs to collect and aggregate the member’s test results that outline:

  • the objectives of the testing
  • what methodologies were applied and why
  • how the test was conducted
  • an analysis of the results
  • how this will determine further design work

The testing will require a plan to initiate the process including both individual and group components. All of this work needs to organized as a single group document with authors credited for individual components. This work will be posted to the group sites and printed out in hard copy for submission.

1. User Test Plan – This plan will consist of the following 4 parts:

  • User Test Design – individual – use the DECIDE framework to develop the methodology
  • Project Brief – group
  • Test Script – individual
  • Consent Form – individual

User Test Plan – due Mar 7 – for review. Final submission to hand in with User Test Report (see below)

2. User Test Report – This report will consist of these two parts:

  • An analysis of test results – individual:
    • the testing procedure – how things went; what actually occurred during the testing? expectations met? any challenges or surprises
    • findings – what did you discover about your designs? what are the answers to your “big” questions?
    • reflection – how did you find this process, what you have learned? would you change anything next time?
  • Synthesis of user test results to formulate an integrated group report with the objectives of the new design requirements clearly stated – group

All of the User Testing phase will be due in class Mar 14


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